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Glenn M is a multi-instrumentalist, singer, and songwriter.  He calls his original music worldrockjazzbluesfolk because his songs have such diverse influences they do not neatly fit into any one category. Plus, tired of giving long-winded answers, he needed something concise to say in response to the frequent question “what kind of music do you play?”  Glenn grew up listening to and playing classic rock and blues.  His interests evolved from there, and he continues to seek out and study music from many different genres.  This diversity is reflected in his playing and songwriting.  In his music are strains of the classic rock and blues he grew up on, as well as jazz, Brazilian, reggae, cajun, Caribbean, celtic, and many different African styles, including ones from Mali, Nigeria, Zimbabwe and South Africa.  His influences range from King Sunny Ade to King Crimson, from the Grateful Dead to Bebel Gilberto, from Jimi Hendrix to John Coltrane, and from Bob Dylan to Bob Marley.

Glenn’s main instrument is the guitar, which he has been playing for over 30 years.  Along the way he picked up bass, mandolin, bouzouki, ukulele, and Djembe.  Glenn was raised in Baltimore and has lived in the Washington D.C. area, Chicago, London (briefly), and currently resides in Albuquerque. He has been in many bands over the years including modern rock band 18Rabbit, world music band Umbrella Unlimited, classic rock band Freewheelin’, folk rock band Mystery School, and jam band Liquid Gypsy.  Glenn has had the good fortune to be asked to sit in with many bands and performers over the years, including Irish music luminary Liz Madden, who is featured on the song The Echo of You from Glenn’s album Pool of Bliss.  He currently plays psychedelic funk and R&B guitar with the Kevin Kookie Jones Band.  Glenn also performs as a solo artist as well as with the Glenn M band, which plays classic rock and blues covers as well as his original compositions.

Pool of Bliss is Glenn’s first solo CD.  As wordrockjazzbluesfolk, Pool of Bliss displays the scope of Glenn’s playing and songwriting, and highlights his singular musical vision.   The lyrics on Pool of Bliss reflect Glenn’s background as a fiction writer and his keen observations of the world around him.  He evokes images from his travels from soaking in a hot spring in Guatemala, to living through a hurricane, watching dancers spin in the hallway of a concert, and partying in a haunted house.  He touches on themes of  deja vu and reincarnation, fatherhood, spirituality, and, of course, love.

In addition to music, Glenn M has made a living as a freelance writer/editor and stay-at-home father.  Glenn writes fiction as well as music.  He currently lives in Albuquerque with his wife Cindy and his two children.